Ladder Rack

Looking for ladder racks? We the solution


tarc rac
Trac Rac van Bar

At Jim’s Auto we use only vehicle specific parts meaning they are not universal. By using the proper parts and accessories

it is a perfect match every time with great results.

Trac Rac Jimsauto
Ladder rack

Trac Rack ladders bars can handle up to 500lbs of weight

trac Rac
Ladder rack Jim’s auto



  • Protect different size loads with the aluminum load stops that adjust to the full width of the van
  • Aerodynamic and quiet due to the integrated wind deflectors
  • Easily installs to the rain gutters for quick installation
  • Durable, corrosion resistant Aluminum construction


We carry several brands please give us a call or stop in today to see all your options


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