2015 Range Rover Crystal Serum Ultra

Our ceramic coating package are not for new cars only. This 2015 Range Rover with 44,000 exactly. We evaluate every vehicle before starting and see what the customer is looking for and what best fits their needs. In this case customer felt that getting the paint 75% would suit his needs for both appearance and financially.

The Pillars were probably the worst part on the Rover and I think we got them closer to 90% defect free.

Once the polishing step was done we applied Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra to all the painted surfaces to lock in that shine and protect the paint for many years to come.

We also coated the wheels and windshield for maximum protection.

Range_Rover (13)


With proper maintenance Crystal Serum Ultra will last over 5 years

Call today for a free evolution of your vehicle and get protected.


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